Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Amazing Race Debrief

Personal Reflection on the Amazing Race challenge (6 Jan)
After my class (kinda) completed the challenge, we were extremely tired. But we had to endure it as the race was all part of understanding the school value "Expanding Our Learning Networks".

What do I understand about the value?
Well, to excel in being a good student, we have to learn how to think out of the box. We can't all just read the textbook and stay cooked up in our classrooms. General knowledge and knowing what happens around us is pretty important too.

That's why when we were doing the Amazing Race, I tried to take note as much as our surrounding as possible and think of ways to help improve the community. This way, my learning journey in SST can be improved because I know what is happening around me.

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  1. Yes, being aware of your environment is critical before you plan :)

    What are some of the ways you could think of to help the community?